Student Mentoring helps turn visions into realities

Student Mentoring helps turn visions into realities

If you are a student or recent graduate and have a great idea for a product or service, want to bring it to market and your vision to life, then you should think about getting support from professional mentors.

Business mentoring and support can help strengthen both your business and your own entrepreneurial skills and can be invaluable in getting a new business off the ground.

Skilled mentors have ‘been there, done that’ and have a wealth of experience to fall back on which will allow them to identify pitfalls and positives in your business that you may not have considered. This will prevent you from making needless mistakes, saving you time and money in the process.

Working with a mentor allows you to be alongside someone who looks at the bigger picture and can identify potential obstacles to business development early on.

When you work on your business all day, every day, it is easy to lose perspective and a mentor can provide an alternative viewpoint.

Our team of expert mentors at HSMB offer a Student Mentoring Programme and are passionate about guiding and helping business start-ups and entrepreneurs. We offer a range of services and advice across the main business areas namely, Business Formation & Setup, Sales Growth, Financial Planning, Marketing, HR/Legal Support and Operations.

Whether you want to start a new business, create a quality website, set up social media campaigns, raise business finance, create business plans, employ staff or find new customers, we have an experienced team of individuals with a variety of skills that can advise you along the way. If you are just starting your own business or already have a business that needs expert advice, we are here to offer you the guidance, support, and knowledge you need for success, whilst maintaining a good work-life balance.

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Student Mentoring helps turn visions into realities