Rules of Elevator Pitches

Rules of Elevator Pitches

The Top 10 Rules for an Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch are a few sentences that essentially describes what your business does.

A carefully designed elevator pitch will make people want to know more about who you are and what your business provides. Generally, the 15 second rule applies in that you have around 15-20 seconds to make a lasting impression so you need to make those seconds count.

Here are some top tricks and tips for delivering an elevator pitch:

1. Keep it simple.

Keep the content simple and avoid complex words or phrases.

2. Avoid obvious comments.

Where a statement or comment is obvious, avoid it. You have limited time so use it sparingly to provide new information

3. Avoid negatives.

Never speak negatively about your competitors. It is always better to explain what, how and why you do better. 

4. Avoid waffle.

Avoid adjectives or phrases that are purely waffle and avoid sweeping generalisations. Your audience would discard these comments. Keep away from statements such as next-generation, world-leading, unique etc.

5. Be engaging.

Draw the listener to you by being engaging. Smile at the right places if appropriate and enthuse passion about your product or service.

6. Avoid too may numbers.

You can explain a few relevant numbers but only when they are clear. Never make the listener have to do the Math or work out numbers themselves.

7. Anticipate objections.

You need to explain how your business is different from others and this will generate questions. Try to pre-empt questions and objections and spend time on creating your responses.

8. Me, me, me.

Talk about the business and avoid “I” or “me” if trying to portray a larger presence. Credit the team and use “we” where appropriate.

9. Value attributes

Explain your value attributes and USP’s clearly and why your business stands out from others. Avoid using too many so carefully select the top 5 value attributes.

10. Don’t oversell or misrepresent 

Do not oversell, hype, exaggerate, misrepresent, spin or lie. You will quickly lose the trust of the listeners.